Book Arts

What are the Book Arts?

Book arts may refer to the traditional techniques practiced by bookbinders and other book artisans. It may also refer to the creative works of those who call themselves book artists. The Book Arts include:

Artist’s books
Design bindings
Fine binding
Hand printed works
Sculptural book works

Books by Christopher McAfee

1992: Journey
1993: Centers,  Junkyard Dog
1995: 3 Books,  FingerPrints
1997: Common Black Moth
1998: Rodentia Abecedarium
1999: The Book of the Apocalypse
2000: Member Show
2003: Interrupted Flight
2006: What It Wants to Be
2011: Of Life
2012: 7 Infinities,  Fantasy and Nonsense (or Tim)
2016: Infernal Devices
2018: City of the Saints
2018: Frankenstein

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