7 Infinities (2012)

The idea that “infinity” can can be mathematically defined in different ways intrigues me. As a child I understood that infinity was the largest existing number but as a man I know that some infinities are larger than others. For example, there are more real numbers than integers, yet there are an infinite number of both. Or if two mirrors face each other, a visual infinity is created but is larger or smaller depending on the size of the mirrors used. Knowing this changes the position of infinity’s horizon, or rather exposes the reality that there are many horizons for various infinities. I find this mind-expanding. In contemplating this concept, I realized the book is the perfect format for conveying it. By placing mirrors on opposing pages, I could create infinity that exists when the book is closed and disappears when the book is opened. This is consistent with the idea that the human mind can’t completely grasp the nature of infinity.

The making of this book structure was challenging. But the process of drawing on the pages was very satisfying.

As I considered creating the book, the idea of presenting these ideas on a chalkboard seemed appropriate. This book is made of paper, acrylic paint, chalk, and mirrors. It is about 7” x 7” x 1.5”.